Walk around Essoyes

 WALK around Essoyes

Around La Roseraie, rural walk in a set in the soft relief where alternate hillsides, plains and trays, vineyards and forests.

A stroll to go hiking in complete peace at the edge of rivers Arce and Ource then through villages and vineyards of Champagne.

Its 200 km of paths marked will make you discover our region.

A stay quite smoothly Pierre – Auguste Renoir‘s quotation of which summarizes in a few words the beauty and the simplicity of places :

” I like paintings which tempt me to trail round me inside”

4 Renoir’s walk :

    • Circuit ”chemin montant dans les hautes herbes” 3 km
    • Circuit ”Aline Charigot”        7 km
    • Circuit ”P. Auguste Renoir” 12 km
    • Circuit ” Gabrielle Renard    14 km

Circuit des Cadoles in Courteron :   8 km

Every cadole served a plot of land and was of use as shelter to the wine grower: he found heat in winter, freshness in summer and refuge against the bad weather there

Circuit of the winemaker in Celles sur Ource : 6 & 11 km

And many others circuits