Memorial Charles de Gaulle

The imprint of the man, the history of the French people

Discover the Charles de Gaulle Memorial

La Croix de Lorraine
The Cross of Lorraine
© Mémorial Charles de Gaulle-Philippe Lemoine

Situated at the foot of the Cross of Lorraine to Colombey-les-deux-églises, the Memorial Charles de Gaulle comes to complete a real route of report established by the house of family (Boisserie) and grave of the general de Gaulle.

Developed according to an original angle, the attachment of Charles de Gaulle in the Haute Marne and in its landscapes, the Memorial becomes integrated into the omnipresent nature.

The Charles de Gaulle Memorial offers a chance to (re)discover the story of France through its spectacular staged event focussing on the major events of the General’life.

Mémorial Charles de Gaulle : intérieur du musée
© Mémorial Charles de Gaulle-Philippe Lemoine

Distributed on 1600 square meters, the permanent exhibition presents Charles de Gaulle under all its facets : in the rôle of writer, leader of France, father of family, politician but also develop the inheritance left by de Gaulle as well as the criticisms and the caricatures which he was able to inspire.




La Boisserie was built in 1810, in the midst of a lush 2,5 hectres park. Lieutenant-Colonel de Gaulle purchased it in 1934..

La Boisserie, Colombey les 2 églises
© Mémorial Charles de Gaulle-Philippe Lemoine

Having left power in 1946 the general finally settled there with his wife Yvonne and his daugther Anne. It was in the silence of his office that general de Gaulle wrote his War Memories over a period of years. After 1969, he return once more to his office and wrote the first chapters of Memories of Hope. His death occured before he could finish this work. The de Gaulle family still owns La Boisserie, whose management has been handed over the Charles de Gaulle Foundations.

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