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Answers to common questions.

Answers to common questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Have you the map of walks?

Yes, we have the maps of walks of our région.

Renoir he was born to Essoyes?

Renoir is born in Limoges but he is buried in the cemetery of Essoyes


How fare is La Roseraie from Troyes ?

La Roseraie is 48 km of Troyes.

How fare is La Roseraie from the highway ?

La Roseraie is 21 km of the highway A 5, exit 22, by coming from North of France and to 25 km of the highway A 5, exit 23, by coming from the South of France

Where we can rent bikes?

You can rent a bike in the village Les Riceys or around the lakes of Fôret d’Orient

Is La Roseraie open all the year?

La Roseraie is opened from beginnig of March on December 15th