Abbay of the Cistercian order

Discover Clairvaux Abbey

All the outmost bounds of the Champagne region and Burgundy, Clairvaux is a land of silence in the heart of the old Gallic forest.

Its the place where, nine centuries ago, Saint Bernard came to clear the glade of the Val d’Absinthe to build the biggest abbaye in the Cistercian order.

Clairvaux has now become a prison ; enclosed within endless walls which hide the beautiful remains of past splendors. But the Ministry of Culture has finally regained the historic part of the walled town which can now, at the last visited.

One can not only discover the superb building of the Lay Brothers and the Great Cloister datin from the 18th century, but also the well-know ” chicken coops” of the ancient prison.

Crédit photo  “Association Renaissance de l’Abbaye de Clairvaux”

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