Church, sculpture, stained glass window.

Discover Chaource

Chaource, at the heart of the forest, is dominated by its impressive church.

Of Gothic style, St Jean-Baptiste church built in the 12th century, reconstructed in the 16th century. In fact, at this time the nave, aisles and side chapels wich were on the point of collapsing had to be rebuilt entirely.

Les donateurs de la Mise au tombeau
The donors of the Entombment
© OT Othe Amance

The Church of Chaource is renowned for its “Entombment” and its gilded crib, and should be visit as a museum where numerous sculptures stand harmoniously in a row, from Champagne art to Italian art.

Chapel of the Sepulchre : outstanding sculpture picturing the Entombment of Jesus, datin from 1515 and considered to be a masterpiece realized by the Troyes School.

Near Chaource : the Museum of Dolls, the mushroom bed of Cussangy and the Golf of La Cordeliere