Champagne Gallimard

Champagne Gallimard

Fûts en chêne et en terre
Barrels in oak & in ground

The Champagne Gallimard is produced at Les Riceys, famous for its fine pinots noirs. The family Gallimard producers from father to son since 6 generations, develops his champagne in the biggest respect of tradition and modern winemaking.

Actually, we are growing a 10 hectares vineyard, located at Les Riceys, the biggest vine-making village of the Champagne region, but also the only holder of 3 appellations of the region ( Champagne, Coteaux Champenois, and the famous Rosé des Riceys). A typical pinot noir, a specific and unique terroir bringing an exceptional maturity to our pinots noir, revealing grapes particularly adapted to the macerations ” La saignée” for the wine making of our Champagne Rosé as well as our Rosé des Riceys. We grow the vineyard in the environmental protection by a reasoned vine growing. Our vineyard is mainly planted in Pinot noir 85 % and 15 % of Chardonnay, pruned in Guyot, Cordon de Royat and Chablis.

Our magnificent stone vaults of the 18th century, with a constant temperature and humidity offer optimal conditions for the aggeing of our champagnes, in particular for our vintage which will find all its plenitude there during 5 years.

A quality for which five Champagne cuvées and one Rosé des Riceys are the aromatic references.

18 rue Gaston Cheq

10340 Les Riceys

Phone : 33 (0)3 25 29 32 44

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